Here at J&L we have the skills to deal with all areas of the boat and its systems. Engine installations, plumbing and electrics are tackled 'in-house'. We specialise in wooden boats and have traditional shipwright skills to deal with all repairs, refits and restorations.

New Builds

Restoration & Refit

Spar & Mast Making

Systems & Engineering


In 2020 we set up our own sawmill in conjunction with Isle Ewe Boats so that we can process our own timber onsite. We have a tight control on the timber we source and use ensuring quality and efficacy from tree to sea.

  • Timber milled up to 45' in length
  • 3" wide max cut
  • Oak bends for boatbuilding
  • Scottish boat-skin Larch


Sawmill. Milling a big oak log.
Sawmill. Milling a big oak log.
Bronze casting
Bronze casting