Glendhu restoration case study

Glendhu came to us for a cosmetic re-fit and to have a mystery leak dealt with. Only some weeks after her arrival did more serious issues come to light. At this stage, very clear communication is required between owner and boatbuilder. A new schedule of work was agreed, with options ranging from abandoning the project to total rebuild.

  1. Half the thickness of Glendhu's planking had been sanded away over the years and she would not stand another re-fastening, hence a new cold molded skin was applied using three layers of Utile, glued with epoxy. She is now incredibly strong.

2. New floor timbers and bronze keel bolts deal with the strains of sailing

3. This was a good opportunity to fair the hull which was distorted.

4. A new teak deck was laid as water ingress had damaged the previous one.

5. The budget allowed for a simple interior to be fitted - one that can be added to over the years.

6. Launched and away she goes!